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Skeletons in the Park Photoshoot October 2023

Skeletons in the Park Photoshoot October 2023

Skeletons in the Park is our twice annual Goth Picnic event that caters to the Mobtown Halo. The event is held every May and October at Patapsco State Park Hollofield Area in Ellicott City Maryland. This is a public event that you’re able to attend so please feel free to reach out and find out when the next one is!


We always have a crowd of spectacular people every time <3

Getting photoshoots done at Skeletons in the Park is one of my favorite things. Brooke Aimelia was our photographer for this round. She’s done several photoshoots with me that I adore. She’s lovely. If you’re local to Baltimore and interested in getting a shoot done with her, I can hook you up. She’s someone who has a very artistic eye and I highly recommend her. 

Brooke has a truly amazing artistic eye when it comes to the way she handles photography and I appreciate that about working with her so much.

You can contact Brooke through her instagram or her facebook.

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