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About Jessica Corvidae

The Vampyre Witch

My Story

From an early age, Jessica Corvidae displayed a deep affinity for the vampyre current. Its rich embrace fueled her indomitable spirit that has blazed a trail to her becoming a beacon of authenticity both within her international Coven and as a dedicated public servant to the greater vampyre & pagan communities.

Ever since Jessica entered the Vampyre Community in 2015, she has been a vocal advocate for greater understanding and compassion for the vampyre subculture. Due to her outspoken advocacy, she has become widely regarded as an influential figure in today’s VC. She is known for her consistent research & practice as she publicly shares her journey of articulating an emerging tradition of Vampyre Witchcraft, helping those who struggle with the interconnection of vampyrism & witchcraft find peace in both realms together.

The Vampyre Witch’s unparalleled drive and desire to foster a genuine VC experience both online and off that exemplifies positive attitudes, critical thinking, and spiritual growth propelled her to becoming the holder of many titles. She is the progenitor of Baltimore Maryland’s Mobtown Halo [est. 2017], the Founder of House Omnia Corvus [est. 2018], Elder of House O’Mallie [2018], VVC Member [2018], Headmistress of The Vampyre Coven [2021], and Initiate of the Order of the Black Marble [2022].

Lady Corvidae’s innovative approaches to organizing and supporting the VC has provided a safe platform for thousands to embrace their true inner nature, connect with one another, and exemplify their vampyric souls.

Meet The Vampyre Witch

May 18, 2024

Skeletons in the Park • Ellicott City, MD

A free family friendly Goth Picnic event open to anyone who would like to join us. Come out and meet The Vampyre Witch, hang out, have some food, socialize, and become part of the local vampfam!


After 20 years of practice as a Witch and a Vampyre and 7 years of service to the Vampyre Community, I have gained a reputation in the Vampire World for my powerful, no-nonsense approach to guidance and witchcraft. As someone who is highly sought after for their realistic wisdom and assistance, I’ve blazed a path offering spellwork, readings, coaching, and products to help serious seekers and practitioners along their journey as a vampyre witch.

– Jessica Corvidae