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Coffin Club

Coffin Club

My name is Lady Jessica O’Mallie-Corvidae and I am The Vampyre Witch.🧛

Come be a part of Coffin Club!

I am passionate about my work in the vampyre and occult communities and have dedicated many years to this work. Coffin Club is my Patreon that has been created so that people who follow my journey can support it! I have a revolving Rolodex of people who I’ve lent advice to, given spells to, or generally given a bunch of my energy to over the years, this is a place for my supporters to give back and join my VampFam!  Here, others who are also passionate about the creation and spread of practical and realistic educational materials and information for practicing vampyre witches can support my work doing so. 💀✨

The Coffin Tier

Dearly beloved, I thank you for throwing a few dollars into my tip coffin! You will gain access to Patron only posts and a Patreon only Discord space.

The Crypt Tier

Venture through the crypt, and you may find a secret society of Vampyre Witches! You will receive private  Discord access, one card tarot readings monthly, and exclusive early access to new posts.

The Raven Tier

We all know that Ravens are my personal favorite. The Raven spirit is strong here and your support in this tier makes me able to work harder with my Corvid Spirits so that I can continue building resources for you and the vampyre current.

The Blood Tier

Without the blood, there is no life. That is true for all creatures. Your support through this tier breathes life force into me and my work. My gratitude is eternal! With this tier you get inclusion in group rituals, monthly tarot, Vampyre Witch Mail club & more!

The Legend Tier

Heroes come and go, but Legends are forever. This tier automatically enrolls you in Full & Dark Moon spells as well as my monthly Community Blessings spell. You also get your choice of guidance session or monthly ritual of your choice from my services menu. (along with everything from previous tiers)

The Seer Tier

In the eyes of a seer, every leaf of a tree is a page of the Holy Book and contains divine revelation.Have The Vampyre Witch on retainer all month long for guidance, readings, and spellwork as needed. You are automatically included in all group spells and are able to request any spellwork, readings, and guidance you need all month long. (along with everything from previous tiers)

Practical and Realistic Vampyric Practice & Perspectives

It is well known that my style of guidance is not known for its niceties. No, quite the opposite. My guidance is sought after for its realness. For being the gut punch of reality that is so often needed but rarely uttered. I strive to be realistic and practical. My goal is to fight the fluff and rampant misinformation that is found strewn about in vampyre and occult communities. My style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it has been a lot of people’s dose of reality or just what was needed

All of my goals when it comes to starting this page are to help me further my mission of finding people out there who are worthy of vampyric wisdom and share it with them freely. Who exactly is worthy, you ask? Anyone who seeks it in a serious fashion. Anyone who puts their time and energy into dedicating themselves to the practice and going about it respectfully/responsibly. It will take time and effort to become the powerful being you wish yourself to be and I am here to help guide you along the way.

Coffin Club

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