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Soooo, I’m engaged!

Soooo, I’m engaged!

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I’m sure majority of everyone is probably aware cause I posted it everywhere… but I also gotta tell this story. If not for yall to laugh at my terror then for my own journalling. lol

Tim is the first person ever to try some sneaky surprise shit on me and succeed. He’d been planning this for idk how long… and like a month before we came down to NOLA for this I’m all like “you know there’s enough time still to get me a ring…” and got all sad when he pretended he couldn’t. Meanwhile, he probably already has said ring or was in the process of getting it and didn’t cave with my petty salty self. What a Godsend of a man, lemme tell ya. haha.

So it’s Friday Night, only a couple hours before the opening ceremony for the Alliance Ball and my absolute terror has set in for the fact that I’m about to go do the hard thing I signed myself up to do. We had just finished the Meet & Greet at Jackson Square with Lucretia Death and we were headed *somewhere* for drinks and/or dinner. Something.

So we’re walking from Jackson Square, stop for our group photos in Pirate Alley

and we walk to Muriel’s… Apparently there was a whole plan to do the engagement there but it was a 50 minute wait for tables that could accommodate our very large party. I couldn’t wait as I had limited time to spare before I had to get ready for Alliance.

So everyone said “fuck it” and walked to Potions. I’m quiet, head down, full anxiety as we’re walking. Full AAAHHHH in my head as it was. So we get to Potions, get all of our asses up in the speakeasy, and it’s such a cool space…. but I immediately found a ginger cat, sat down, and didn’t move. I was that person at the party who found the animal. It was my emotional support ginger. It stayed for most of the proposal as you can see in the pictures. You can tell where my priorities were. Everyone – let’s get a drink! Me – CAT!

So I’m sitting there. Found a cat. Taking selfies of said cat. Sat with the cat and didn’t move an inch the whole time. I never even had a drink at Potions. haha. So I’m sitting there mildly agonizing over the upcoming ceremony. Nerves at an all time high… and I’m half oblivious to my surroundings because of it.

So here comes Tim all sneaky like to come over and get down on one knee. I think he’s just tying a shoe or something… and out pops this ring. I’m just like O.O mid existing existential PANIC like… wait hold on what the fuck is happening. It’s hard to make me speechless but I that was the moment for sure. All I could say is this little *yea* in response and the biggest OMG face ever.

My sister Veronica wins the entire situation for this reaction 😂

So, that happens, I’m shaking, I’m suddenly engaged, and I have no idea what to do with all the anxious energy so I get up and head to the balcony to take in the moment. It was awesome. I got engaged in a “Secret” Vampyre Speakeasy in New Orleans during Halloween Weekend next to a ginger cat and then got to look over the balcony with so many friends over Bourbon St right after. Such immaculate energy.

Yet still I’m also in flight or fight mode over the dang opening ceremony and we have to leave shortly thereafter. AAAHHHHHHHHH. But it was fine. All was fine, and I’m ecstatic to add such an incredible memory to my journey with my future husband 💕


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